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Post by Anibe on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:22 pm

Hi there. My IGN is Anibe and my RLN is Aníbal. I can be whatever my enviroment drives me to be, either a quiet respectful and loyal member or a complete ass clown that never knows when to shut up. I'm a computer engineer working as a SQL Server consultant tough what I really want is to teach computer science or mathematics somewhere in the world. I live in Santiago (Chile) but I have high hopes of living and working abroad Smile

Please pardon my rusty english, as most of it I got from watching sitcoms and playing Ragnarok. I started on the MMO genre with some private servers, then migrated to iRO when the Valkyrie server opened and stayed there on and off for about 5 years; always maining the monk class because their lore and playstyle is always awesome in any game. I tried other MMO's after that but none worked for me because no WoE, boring guilds and poor player to player interactions. I was looking for something like ToS that can consume at least 50% of my free time and I hope to achieve that while in Illumina Very Happy

Other interests are VS Fighting games (Tekken and such), Magic: The Gathering and soccer (I'm kinda ignorant about the pro scene tho). I also played every season of League of Legends, led a random team with friends and went solo after that.

Now I'm a broke and pretty lost 150+ ToS monk that face-slaps stuff to death Very Happy


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