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Application Brightdawn ^^ Empty Application Brightdawn ^^

Post by trifforce16 on Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:15 pm

Name: Jose

Age: 26

Location: Panama

Team Name: Brightdawn

Discord Name: Trifforce16

Do you have a mic?: yep Very Happy

How did you hear about illumina? Were you referred to the site?: a friend of mine told me about your guild, so i want to join Very Happy

Who do you know currently in Illumina? How do you know them?: a friend of mine who's playing in your guild (Siegeberth), we are friends outside of the game Very Happy

What do you hope to get out of being a member of Illumina?: just want to be a good guildie Very Happy

What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?: well... see anime, Kdramas, drawing, play tabletop games

With whom do you spend the most time gaming?: with a friend of mine Very Happy (Siegeberth)

What game do you plan on spending the most time on? Why? : well, tree of savior, because is a good game and i need to explore more in deep in the game Very Happy

What three words would you use to describe the type of gamer you are?: loyal, friendly, fair Very Happy

Do you watch replays and/or pro player streams? How often?: yep i do, like two or 3 times a day Very Happy

What kind of competitive tournament or online experience do you have?: i wasnt in a tournament, but my experience in online gaming in others mmorpgs like wow, lol and TERA

Have you attended any major tournaments (MLG, UMG, CoD Champs)?: not at all

How often do you participate in online tournaments (UMG Online, GB)?: not at all

What type of guild are you looking to join? What would the ideal environment look like for you?: im looking for a social pve oriented guild. well good guildies to share misions, dungeons, tips, build and other things Very Happy

What class are you currently+level? What class are you planning for? What is your play style?: im currently playing a cleric class, a paladin c1 at lvl 203. im planning to do a plague doctor. i like healing but i like magic range dps too Very Happy

Are you PvP or PvE oriented?: PVE Very Happy

Before posting the application, did you read the guild requirements and meet them? sure did Very Happy


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Application Brightdawn ^^ Empty Re: Application Brightdawn ^^

Post by OLlama on Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:29 pm
Here is a invite to our discord


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