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Post by Kahnes on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:24 pm

Name: Eric Kang

Age: 26

Location: Utah, USA but I am Korean Smile

Team Name: Kahnes

Discord Name: Lucewin#5829

Do you have a mic? Not yet, will get it soon

How did you hear about illumina? Were you referred to the site? From the spamming

Who do you know currently in Illumina? How do you know them? Curaga (From the spamming)

What do you hope to get out of being a member of Illumina? I am just kind of tired of playing all by myself

What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Playing Piano, Pencil Drawing, Basketball

With whom do you spend the most time gaming? Mostly solo, have a girl friend who plays this game time to time but s

What game do you plan on spending the most time on? Why? Probably ToS.. I used to play Hearthstone a lot but I didn't like their latest expansion :p

What three words would you use to describe the type of gamer you are? Silver Efficient Player !!

Do you watch replays and/or pro player streams? How often? I watch most of hot videos. Also, I like to research a lot before making new alt. Also I have good idea about patches and trends in kTOS

What kind of competitive tournament or online experience do you have? I never participated actual tournament but enjoyed many Blizzard games. for WoW went 2000+ rating for 3 seasons.

Have you attended any major tournaments (MLG, UMG, CoD Champs)? Nope

How often do you participate in online tournaments (UMG Online, GB)? Nope

What type of guild are you looking to join? What would the ideal environment look like for you? friendly but hard gaming

What class are you currently+level? What class are you planning for? What is your play style?
246 SR (QS based), Just got Didel for this toon yesterday.
105 Linker (Planning on doing Wiz3-Link3-Warlock)
and maybe another QS with Wugushi C2

Are you PvP or PvE oriented? Originally I like PvP over PvE but I think TOS has the worst PvP balance..

Before posting the application, did you read the guild requirements and meet them? YES


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Application - Kahnes Empty Re: Application - Kahnes

Post by Curaga on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:36 pm


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