Trent takes the stage!

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Trent takes the stage! Empty Trent takes the stage!

Post by valiarchon on Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:18 am

So as you've likely guessed, my name is Trent (Torrentius on facebook if that helps) - 25yo from Melbourne, Australia.

Been in and around Illumina since furiousRO I think it was, back in... 2005? Maybe 2006?
I've used several handles in that time, starting with Acheron when I joined (as a High Priest iirc) through Valiarchon and Vashnir, and these days I tend to play a variety of my roleplay characters.
Typically I've rolled a support of some kind alongside my [sisters] Jenn and Cel Very Happy
My ToS family name is Paholainen, and currently I'm tossing up between Monk and Elementalist since I love me some deeps, but I've also got a full support in the works since it's second nature.

As far as competitive things go, I've had obvious involvement in the RO scene, took a national trophy two years in a row for F-Zero X (anyone else play this game?), as well as more recently leading a League of Legends team to a podium finish (2013 I think? in the only competitive league we had at the time lol. Team disbanded when our jungler got super toxic, so RIP dreams)
Very much looking forward to getting a good 5-man going for the squad battle thing, and whatever else is relevant for ToS.

Anyway! Uni preferences for me have included a few languages, notably Japanese, as well as a handful of political studies and whatnot.
Currently entering the RAAF as an analyst, though I'm hoping to move into a more globally-minded role down the track.

Free time for me rotates between cooking, violin, piano, and singing, plenty of gaming ofc, anime, gym sessions with my buddy nearby, and stalking the local bookstores and libraries in hopes of something new to read. My most fervent desire for my home is for more shelving Sad


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Trent takes the stage! Empty Re: Trent takes the stage!

Post by OLlama on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:24 am

Didn't know you were in Australia as well. I will have to visit you as well when I visit White.


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