My weird ass solution to push-to-talk: the pedal

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My weird ass solution to push-to-talk: the pedal Empty My weird ass solution to push-to-talk: the pedal

Post by Anibe on Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:14 am

Backstory: in my old iRO times, having only a regular mouse, the scroll button was the best option for push to talk activation, but my finger would hurt too much in the long run and it actually gave me tendonitis. So, after some brainstorming, I came up with this weird ass solution: a PTT pedal to operate with my feet. I made it using an old mouse, a hard cardboard box, some tape, a USB extension... and a sock XD

Now, to avoid tendonitis, I mostly play using a controller, so I just remembered that I had this stored somewhere and plugged it again so I can use PTT with the gamepad at the same time.

There are probably better solutions out there, but if this helped me maybe it can be of use to someone else, so here's the trick:

  1. Get a cheap old mouse (and make sure you don't have any use for it, because it's going to break).
  2. Break the left and right click buttons to avoid undesired inputs when using the pedal (I told you it was going to break).
  3. Get a cardboard box, and cut it so you get a rectangle with a fold in the middle (preferably a premade fold from the original box).
  4. From the same box, cut another rectangle of the same size, this time without folds.
  5. Tape the rectangle without folds to the base of the mouse. This will give it stability and will prevent it from moving your cursor.
  6. Now attach the rectangle with the fold to the top of the mouse, taping only one of the halves of the rectangle and without taping the buttons. The other half should be on top of the scroll buton and tape-free, so you can press the scroll button when pressing this cardboard down. Feel free to add more layers of rectangles to achieve the desired hardness.
  7. Using a USB extension, connect the newborn pedal to your PC, put it on the floor and test it out with your feet.
  8. Set yout push to talk key to the scroll button of your mouse.
  9. If you are happy with the results, envelop the pedal with some piece of fabric or cloth, like a sock or a pouch (but not too tight) and you're ready to go Razz

It's a bit hard to get it right the first time and even harder to get used to it, but it saved me so much pain that using this thing is just a part of me now XD

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